That’s What I Like about You!

There’s a reason we find children so endearing, isn’t there?  And, it’s not the whining, the selfishness, or the tantrums; (duh — is there any doubt humans are born sinful?)  It’s just they are so precious and innocent.  Watching them grow, learn, and bond throughout the day is priceless!  Moments like these watching my number 2 read to my number 3; absolutely melts my heart!

kids 1

And then there’s that free spirit they have.  It may be the middle of winter and 79 degrees outside, but the pool thermometer still reads a mere 52 degrees.  Doesn’t matter — my kids couldn’t resist a taste of summer!

kids 2 Collage

Yup — you don’t even have to wear a swimsuit if you’re three — just throw off your clothes!  Kids are indeed precious!  (and CRAZY!)

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