Picnic Dinner

What do you do when kids are either a) tired, b) fussy, c) not getting along, or d) all-of-the-above?  Why, you take them outside, of course!  At least that’s what we do.  In this case, it was mostly the younger two that were simply overly-tired, but needed to stay up until bedtime.  Daniel was at work, so we packed our Caesar salad, (lovingly referred to as “Seeser salad,” Sierra’s nickname), and our grilled cheese and headed to the park.  Best. Decision. Ever.

picnic 0

Benefit #1:  Kids are happy.

picnic 1

Benefit #2: Lighting is perfect for pictures.

picnic 2

Benefit #3: “Dishes” get thrown away and don’t have to be washed once the kids go to bed.

picnic 3

Benefit #4:  Kids exercise and thus get more tired and ready for bed.  (Notice Sierra eating her salad while riding her plasma car in the background!)

picnic 4

Benefit #5:  Did I mention kids are happy?  🙂

picnic 5

Sierra discovered her sisters’ old roller skates and is LOVING them.

picnic 6

picnic 7

Moral of the story:  Picnic dinners are a good thing!


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