This Man.

Allison walked into the house and announced calmly, “I think there’s a cat in our yard.  It’s brown and gray.  It has kind of a triangular face, though, so I’m not sure it’s a cat.  I pet it.”


“Is it still there?”


Daniel and I rushed to the backyard.  And, there it was.  Hidden in the bushes just 5 feet from the chicken coop.

“Why were you looking there?” we asked.

“Because that’s Brita’s secret laying hide-out.”

Brita is our black and white chicken.  Hers are the only eggs distinguishable to me, and I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen any, lately.  Anyway, as you may have guessed, this is what Allison found:

possum 1

Sorry, I should have warned you.

Completely disturbing picture!  Isn’t that a nasty little sucker?  I SCREAMED when I saw him holding it… oh, it was creepy!  Let me back up a little and finish the story…

possum 2 Collage

Immediately after Allison found it she had to leave for tennis practice.  I was at home with the baby, so it was my job to call the animal control people and tell them to please come remove this icky possum.  Daniel had tried to poke it out, but all it did was hiss with its mouth open wide and completely freak me out.

The lady on the other end was very kind and knowledgeable.  She assured me that these creatures would not be aggressive with my animals unless it felt threatened.  And, they do not carry disease because their body temperature is too low.  And, it would probably not move until at least night because they are stubborn and nocturnal and do not like to be disturbed in the day at all.  That was great to learn and all, but when were they coming, I wanted to know?

Apparently they don’t come for possum since they’re so “harmless.”  She told me I could grab it’s tail and swing it into a garbage can, then remove it from my property.  Ha!

Now is the part of the story that makes me so glad to be married to a firefighter.  Daniel donned his gear, and then attempted to grab it as it ran away and tried to crawl up the chicken fence.  Apparently, that’s when my hero tried to grab him, but he wouldn’t let go of the fence.  So, he pulled and pulled until it finally came off.  (There may have been blood involved).  In the meantime, Allison had the camera to capture the action, and I was inside oblivious to the entire situation.  When I walked by the screen door and saw him holding that creature, I couldn’t help but scream!!  He did end up putting it in a garbage can, and he and Allison drove up the hill and released it into the wilderness.

The end.  (Oh, how I hope that’s the end of possum in our yard!)


6 responses to “This Man.

  1. oh my!! he’s freaky looking. at least it’s not an armadillo — we had one in our yard a few years ago and we could hear him at night grunting around and digging holes in tim’s manicured lawn! one night, tim had enough and leaped out of bed and ran outside (in his underwear) and chased it with a broom — while i was inside laughing hysterically at him and the broom/’dillo chase!!

    oh, and i remember when we lived in belmont, the animal control people telling my mom the same thing (harmless, no disease, etc) about the raccoons that would shimmy up our deck to eat our birdseed. since my dad was traveling, a (in a cool coincidence!) local off-duty firefighter neighbor would trap them and release them on sugarloaf mountain. hooray for firefighters!!!

  2. I’m still freaking out about the very beginning of this story… “I pet it.” AAAHHHHH!!!! But I do love the firefighter/opossum catcher gear. 🙂

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