New Recipes

It’s a new year, which should mean a resolution to eat healthier.  And, I have…  somewhat.  But, not because of a resolution… mostly due to a cold which has curbed my sweet tooth a bit.  My husband and I are currently discussing whether organic is the way to go.  Both of us are feeling a nudge to give it a try.  We have enough local farms that I am sure we could buy meat somewhere locally… and raising our own chickens for meat may be an endeavor, soon.  But, that’s a whole different subject.

Anyway, when it comes to food, it seems my family, (including myself), are just not content rotating the same handful of meals.  In fact, I could probably fill a menu 3 months full of different recipes and that still wouldn’t be good enough; we are always looking to try something new.  Sometimes, I wish we were content with a handful of meals; oh, what joy that would be!  Other times I find it a joy to cook and try new things often.  All I can say is, I am thankful for blogs, Pinterest, and simply search engines that help me prepare meals!

food 1 Collage

This recipe is more of a snack than a breakfast, but we ate them as breakfast cookies and they were a huge hit.  They were very simple, too.  You don’t even have to grease the muffin tins; simply pop them right out, if you use the silicone kind.  You can get the “Famous flax n oat bar recipe” here.

food 2

This Pinterest recipe I tried on a night my husband was gone.  The problem with trying new recipes with the kids, obviously, is that they simply may be a flop.  Since this pasta dish contained both heavy cream and cheese, I was certain it would be a hit.  However, it also had Rotel with green chiles, which apparently gives it a kick!  The big girls still ate it, as long as I served it with this:

food 3

Personally, I liked the kick and thought it was delicious.  Check out the recipe here!


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