Kiddos; an Update

It’s a funny thing about having kids… I can’t decide if I want to speed up the clock, or slow time down.  Thankfully, I can’t do either.  All I can do is choose to enjoy every precious moment, one day at a time.  I’m trying!!!

 kid mal

This little dude needs to be weaned.  He’s 13 1/2 months, and I haven’t even started.  For one thing, he doesn’t really like milk.  And for that matter, he doesn’t really like veggies, so at least I know breast milk is nutritious!  But, he is also on a happy schedule, and whenever I’ve tried to skip a feeding he gets all thrown-off, which throws my whole day off as well.  I need him on his schedule so that I can accomplish whatever else I need to accomplish — mainly school with the girls!  So for now, he is happy breast-feeding and I am going to have to just figure it out!  Any tips?  He’s my first to not like milk!

kid nat

This sweetie lost her third tooth.  I LOVE when the top teeth go — not only does it look adorable, but I love to hear the little lisp, too.  She suddenly seems so much older and so much younger at the same time.  (I can’t seem to make-up my mind today, can I?)  She started a ballet/ tap class this week, and is loving it.  The rest of us are having fun visiting the reptiles at the store next to the dance studio!

kid sierra

As usual, I could write a whole post on this one.  Recently, (as in the last 3 days in a row), she has thrown some major tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.  Well, that’s not exactly new.  The new part is wetting her pants on purpose at the same time.  Oh, boy.  The crazy thing is, she is totally sweet and logical a while later and we are able to talk about it.  For that I am very thankful.  For some reason, I have a peace — I know it’s just a phase, and I am somewhat happy she isn’t always getting her way so she can learn.  But, I hope it ends soon!  Now, getting her out of pull-ups at night does seem to be a problem.  Again, I am open to suggestions!!

kid alli

And this one… oh, I do love 7 1/2-year-olds!  They are so independent!  Now if only they were neater… 🙂  This cutie started tennis this week.  It’s the first time she and her sister have chosen different activities.  So, the night before they started they each wrote encouraging little notes to the other, rolled them up, and put them in their sleeves.  She is always coming up with such clever ideas!  This one especially made me smile.

4 responses to “Kiddos; an Update

  1. Try flavoring the milk with a tiny bit of vanilla. Breast milk is pretty sweet, so maybe the vanilla will help.

    As for the night time pull up’s, I have no ideas, as I still have a 6 year old wearing them. He potty trained himself at 22 months, but is such a deep sleeper that he doesn’t wake up to go potty. I know it will pass, as I was the same way as a kid.

  2. I’ve had some friends try Almond Milk when theirs didn’t like regular milk. . . Hope all is well with you! Ellie and Abby have a stack of notes to send your way, but I am the slacker mommy who has to pick up stamps!

    • Oh, I am SO glad I am not the only slacker mommy. I’ve had notes on my desk forever, too! 🙂 And, I don’t even need to buy stamps! I will try the almond milk, as well! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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