The Latest Fun!

Remember Uncle Nate?  He generously blessed the girls with their first gift cards for Christmas.  (To Target, none-the-less… Yes, I was jealous!)  As we went to shop, I was a little torn… I told them they could have whatever they wanted within the gift card amount.  However, since they are not quite old enough to understand the value of money, (I got asked recently if I thought that anyone in the world possibly had $2,000?), I found I needed to steer them towards what to buy.  In the toy section they got excited over little plastic figures that cost way too much.  One girl really wanted the figures.  I kept asking her what she would do with them.  Would she play with them?  She doesn’t play with the ones she has now!

I took her to the sports section where there were exactly 2 pairs of rollerblades left. She still wanted the plastic toys, so I continued to question.  “You can have those toys if you really want, but when you see your sister riding the rollerblades, don’t you think you’ll wish you had some rather than the little toys that sit on a shelf?”  She changed her mind.  I was thrilled!

rb 1

We pulled into the driveway, but never made it into the house.  These things took some time to get on, but the girls took no time skating away.  Sorry to brag, but I am one proud mama!  Within minutes, they were skating down the driveway on their own… then around our cul-de-sac.  Once again, I was thrilled.

rb 2

We’ve been out almost every day since.  I even pulled out my rollerblades and we put on a little “show” for Daniel when he got home from work.  I always dreamed of the day I could do activities like swim, bike, or rollerblade with my kids… it’s hard to believe that day is here!

rb 3

This little one is especially a natural.  See that snow on the mountains behind her?  I think skiing has to be next…


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