Thankful Thursday

I have to admit, the thought of starting school this week after a 3-week break was quite daunting.  I was anxious to get back into a routine, yet so enjoying our “freedom.”

sib tt Collage

Sometimes the anticipation is more difficult than the schooling itself!  We are now back in full swing, (despite 3 kids on antibiotics for yucky colds!)  As always, I have so many things to be thankful for this Thursday.    Topping the list would be the excitement my oldest has for school.  She is such a joyful learner, and was so relieved that we would be starting school, again!  Her joyful anticipation was such an encouragement to me!  In addition to our Thankful Thursday Tea Parties, we are now back to…

sib leaves Collage

Exploring leaves…

sib ice 2

Coming up with creative ways to entertain these two, (like sending them outside with a bowl full of ice!)

sib ice Collage

sib sticks Collage

Building “Marion’s Tower” after reading about it in history…

sib m

Cleaning up after this little turkey!

sib river Collage

Making “icy rivers” like the ones our forefathers had to wade in to fight for our freedom!

sib  table

And, did I mention chasing after this little guy?  (I’m going to miss his little crawl pretty soon, but if he doesn’t walk soon he won’t have any pants left without holes in the knees!)

Hope your January is off to a blessed start!


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