Here’s some random stuff happening at the Yeh house:

stuff addicted

The caption says it all.  Completely.  Totally.  Utterly.  Addicted.  YUM!

stuff donuts

Speaking of yum, we made a stop at The Donut Man after a little trip to Ikea today.  We’ve only been hearing about it for the last 12 years by all of our APU friends.  So sorry Karen, but we were all quite disappointed.  Not sure what the big deal is about these donuts… but, it was fun to finally try them!  And, they’re definitely on to something with a steady stream of customers.

stuff d and littles

These 3 cuties make me smile.

stuff sew

These 2 cuties make me smile, too.  They have been sewing away lately… pillows for their siblings for Christmas, and bean bag/ hand warmers for their friends.

stuff cards

And last but not least, I found these card kits I had bought from the dollar section in Target 4 years ago.  Needless-to-say, they came out a little cuter this time around than when the kids were 4 years younger!

December Bike Ride

Dear December,

You are far too busy for me sometimes. But, I do love your beauty.  Right now the trees are colorful and the mountains are covered in snow.  At night, the houses are lit up and I love to stare at them and imagine the coziness happening inside.  The anticipation of Christmas is a blessing.  And, the weather… it is perfect for walks and bike rides!

br cat

Sorry, Stray… No cats on this bike ride!

br Collage

Yes, despite a to-do list that is far too long, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed out on our bikes.

br nat

br path

We stopped for water…

br water break

br water break2

And we stopped when eagle eyes spotted…

br hand

… a bird’s nest!

br nest

We finally decided to head all the way to the stables to see our favorite horses.

br bikes

br horse

br nat horse

We were super sad to discover our beloved miniature horse, “Star,” had passed away.

br star 1

The owner had left a beautiful wreath memorial and we wrote a note to Star and rode home.

br star 2

Love, the Yeh’s

Snowman Ornaments

Simple craft for a Friday morning: Snowman ornaments.

q orn sierra

I have a huge box of little Christmas craft items I’ve collected over the years.  It is so convenient to open it up, pull out something, and get to crafting!

q orn close

Instead of giving the girls a paintbrush, I gave them each a pile of q-tips.  I saw the idea of using q-tips for snow here.

q orn

Of course, not everybody made snowmen!

q orn siera 2

But, the big girls did!

q orn allis  q orn done

Thankful Thursday

tt rolls Collage

It was a cozy, rainy thankful Thursday.  Hot chocolate.  Cinnamon rolls.  And, our favorite rainy day activity: drawing on the windows with dry-erase markers!

tt roll 1

I had the worst time trying to take pictures of this drawing.  Before I had time to get a white paper to tape behind it to take a decent picture, little Sierra decided to erase it.  I was truly bummed — this was a favorite of mine.

tt roll 2

You see, Natalie said she was going to draw a merry Christmas.  I was picturing the words, “Merry Christmas.”  Instead, it was the most beautiful and detailed manger scene I have ever seen.  (Well, from my family, at least!)

tt roll 3

Oh, well… perhaps I’ll catch it next time!

Button Christmas Trees

Argh, matey… what are we using these cones for?

ct allison scope

As soon as I saw THIS idea over at Blissful Blooms, I knew I had to copy it.  So simple, fun, and cute!

ct waiting

Even though I didn’t have styrofoam circles, I at least had styrofoam cones on hand.  So, instead of ornaments we made trees! (Styrofoam cones came from the Dollar Tree!)

ct supplies

I was especially excited when I saw this project because I knew I had everything I needed on hand, and wouldn’t have to buy anything.  Well… even though I had the pins, I went to get more from JoAnn’s.  After all, who doesn’t love a big sale at a fabric store?

ct sierra

Added bonus:  even a 3-year-old can do it herself!

ct allison working

So, what exactly is this project?  You take a styrofoam object, some buttons, and whatever other “bling” you have on hand.  Then you poke away…

ct buttons

Buttons WILL get spilled all over!

ct decisions

ct n and s

ct nat

ct natalie working

ct sierra working

ct sierras done

I never did take a picture of the final projects.  But, here they are mostly complete.  These made me smile.  Happy styrofoam poking!

ct allison tree

Favorite Things

These are a few of my (current) favorite things…

1.  THIS devotion spoke to me so much, I couldn’t help but share it with my homeschool mom friends… and now with you!  Becky Crenshaw may be a mom to boys, but her devotions seem to speak right to me!

2.  I found THIS mantle on Pinterest and absolutely love it.  Wowsers.

3.  I discovered a new blog that has kind of rocked my world.  THIS lady has actually taken Jesus’ words seriously when He talks about taking care of widows and orphans and selling everything you have.  Yeah, I know… ehem… conviction!  From what I’ve gathered while stalking perusing through her blog, she and her husband along with their 3 adopted youngins’ sold their beautiful farmhouse to move to an inner city to love on people.  She’s a fun writer with great style.

4.  I must, must, must find a place to do THIS, (another great pinterest find!)  That is why I pinned it to my board, “Must do.”

5.  I found these candy cane straws at the Dollar Tree:  Guess how much they cost? (Ha!)

cc straws

6.  Forgive me for not remembering the link, but free Christmas printables like this one make me so happy:


..And those are a few of my favorite things!

Thankful Thursday

I got to cheat a bit today… we didn’t make a homemade snack for Thankful Thursday.  I had made some cakes-in-a-jar for my homeschool moms’ meeting Tuesday night, and had a few leftover.  The girls were drooling over them, so I told them that would be their Thankful Thursday snack!

ttcc 1

I was surprised at how moist and delicious they were even two days later!

ttcc 2

Such a simple, yet fun dessert!  I just took a box of yellow cake mix.  I added maybe a tablespoon of cinnamon??  And, a LOT of chocolate chips.  After all, there wasn’t going to be any frosting — it needed chocolate chips!  I filled the cans about half full and baked about 25 minutes (without the lids).  Oh, and I buttered the cans, first — not sure if that was necessary or not.   I didn’t wrap the cans until after they had come out of the oven and cooled.  Of course, I topped with whip cream.  I don’t want to confess how many I ate.  Let’s just say none of it went to waste.  ttcc Collage

And, just so you can see for yourself that my sweet boy has returned, here is proof:

ttcc lil guy