Christmas Eve

Christmas eve morning began with the arrival of Uncle Nate.  Every kid should have an uncle Nate; you know, the fun, single uncle…

ce 1 n and m

ce 2 n and a

We played with some foamies…

ce 3 nat

And, each kid was allowed to open one present.  (Don’t tell my kids we got to open all of our presents Christmas Eve when I was a kid!)

ce 4 presents Collage

Most of the time, having your husband work on Christmas Eve is a bad thing; after all, he’s not at home with the family!  But, in the case of my husband where it means we get to visit him at the fire station; it’s an awesome thing! ce 5 station Collage

1.  I don’t have to cook.

2.  We still get to eat yummy food and spend time with Daniel.

ce 6 station uncle

3.  What kid doesn’t like playing in the firefighter lounge chairs?

ce 7 fs chair

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve, and we were so blessed to all be healthy and together as a family.

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