A Few (more) of my Favorite Things

1.  ‘Tis the season for yummy food!  And, I rarely do holiday cooking; either my husband or my brother or both have the privilege!  Tonight my husband tried a new recipe, and I think it was the best salmon I’ve ever had!

ft2 Collage

2.  Katherine Marie is pretty much the most amazing photographer/ blogger with the most creative ideas.  I love to be inspired by her blog!

3.  I look forward to Thursdays just to see the lovely homes featured on Life Made Lovely.  It feels a bit like snooping, but provides so much inspiration!

4.  You know how it is… when sisters get along, it is precious!  When they don’t… well, let’s just stick with the precious for now!

ft2 sisters

5.  Christmas music boxes are the best!  I love this little old German one we have.

ft2 music box

6.  Try as I might, I could not get a good picture with lights blurred in the back.  Perhaps it was the wrong time of day.  Or perhaps I should stop being lazy and read about how to do it rather than just playing with my camera.  But, playing is so fun!  Maybe I need better subjects who will actually stay still and smile.  🙂  Nah, this guy is too cute to pass up!

ft2 lights2

ft2 lights1

7.  Christmas letters are sent.  Grocery shopping is done.  More family comes tomorrow.  Everyone is healthy.  It is well with my soul!


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