Oh, Christmas Tree

Just to warn you… this craft is only for those who are crazy enough to buy far too many frames from Ikea and save all the corner protectors they come with.  (Now, who would be that hoardish?)

oct 1

No, that stack is not even all of them.  (Gulp!)  This craft is actually another repeat from 2 years ago.  You can see the original craft, (which was slightly different) here.

oct 2

Grab your paints.  Let the kids choose some colors.

oct 3

Grab your brads, frame corners, tp rolls, and hole punch.  Poke away!  Then, paint!

oct 4

oct 6

oct 7

I think this may be the last Christmas craft of the year!  I actually was going to do a new idea.  Aren’t these snowmen from Pineterest adorable?  But, I gave the girls a choice, and they chose the Christmas trees!  Maybe next year…

oct 8

(And on a side note, I do love the 3-year-old marble painting look!  If I recall from my older two, this stage will soon turn into all things painted “brown.”)

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