Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Today my second-born turned 6-years-old.  SIX!  That means she now needs both hands to tell people how old she is.  Ha!

We had a wonderful day celebrating.  Our morning started off as all birthday mornings do around here… with a present under the bed!

 n6 bed present Collage

Natalie was thrilled with her gifts; footie jammies, a personalized return address stamp, and an art set from Ikea.

n6 pancake

Pancakes with a chocolate chip “six.”

n6 artists Collage

And then it was time to bust out the art set!  Notice it’s not Natalie sitting in the birthday chair.  A certain 3-year-old was having a lot of trouble not being the birthday girl.  Funny how she didn’t want the attention when it was actually her birthday!

n6 bike1

The girls probably could have spent the entire day inside doing art, but it was such a beautiful day we just had to get out!  Daniel suggested teaching Natalie to ride without her training wheels.  I kid you not, in the time it took for me to go inside and find the camera, I came out and found my girl riding!

n6 bike2

I was stunned… and so proud!  Way to go, Natie!  She then went on her first real bike ride without training wheels with her sisters and Papa, while I stayed behind with a sleeping boy.

n6 pencils

Is there anything more enticing than a beautiful new box of 100 sharpened color pencils?  This was a present from our dear friends, and the girls wasted no time breaking it in!

n6 pencils2

The afternoon brought baths, and then getting all bundled-up for the evening.  It may have been beautiful outside, but it was still cold!  We headed to Chick-Fil-A for an early dinner, per Natalie’s request.  I can’t go there this time of the year and not order a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake.  That’s just not possible.  So, I did.

n6 lights1

With our bellies full and our hats and mittens on, we finally went to see the famous lighted houses of Thoroughbred.  It is no exaggeration to say we have been wanting to do this for 8 years!  But, each year just flies by and somehow we miss it.  Not this year – hooray!  We made it!

n6 lights Collage There were treats galore, from churros to nachos to hot dogs to corn on the cob.  Kids sold hot chocolate, cookies… even Christmas hair bows for girls!  Alas, I couldn’t resist the kettle corn.  (I know, I know… donuts, Minty Mallows, milkshakes, kettle corn… I think my diet falls under the “naughty” list, lately!)

n6 lights2

n6 lights3

n6 lights4

n6 lights5

n6 lights6

Natalie was so excited to find her name, which does indeed mean “Christmas.”  Her middle name means, “Joy,” and she has indeed brought such joy into our lives over the past 6 years.  Thanks for being such a blessing, Miss Natalie!  We love you so much!  As Frosty would say, “Happy birthday!”

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