Button Christmas Trees

Argh, matey… what are we using these cones for?

ct allison scope

As soon as I saw THIS idea over at Blissful Blooms, I knew I had to copy it.  So simple, fun, and cute!

ct waiting

Even though I didn’t have styrofoam circles, I at least had styrofoam cones on hand.  So, instead of ornaments we made trees! (Styrofoam cones came from the Dollar Tree!)

ct supplies

I was especially excited when I saw this project because I knew I had everything I needed on hand, and wouldn’t have to buy anything.  Well… even though I had the pins, I went to get more from JoAnn’s.  After all, who doesn’t love a big sale at a fabric store?

ct sierra

Added bonus:  even a 3-year-old can do it herself!

ct allison working

So, what exactly is this project?  You take a styrofoam object, some buttons, and whatever other “bling” you have on hand.  Then you poke away…

ct buttons

Buttons WILL get spilled all over!

ct decisions

ct n and s

ct nat

ct natalie working

ct sierra working

ct sierras done

I never did take a picture of the final projects.  But, here they are mostly complete.  These made me smile.  Happy styrofoam poking!

ct allison tree

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