Malachi Turns 1


That’s 11/28/11… the day my son was born!

My husband says I’m autistic cause I’m always thinking crazy number stuff… whatever! 😉

Yes, today is Malachi’s actual birthday.  Unfortunately, this post will not be filled with cute pictures of a smiley boy.  Instead, it will feature a sleepy, sick little man with a 101 temp and an ear infection. Good thing I think his tired little face is as sweet as his smiley one!

Our birthdays always start out the same… opening the present under your bed!

Dude had lots of little helpers to show him how to play with his new truck from Grandma and Grandpa!

Next came his chocolate chip “1” pancake; but even that didn’t seem to cheer him up!

I’m not going to lie to ya; it wasn’t a fun morning.  School was tough.  I’m feeling the stress and exhaustion of a messy house, sick kids, and lots of schoolwork to be done.  Then a friend called, who also has sick kiddos.  And, I promised to pray for her… and that is exactly what I needed!  To get my silly eyes off of myself!  Perspective is always a good thing.  So is prayer and time alone with God.  So is sleep.  I could use a good dose of all of those things right now!

Since our sweet sickie birthday boy couldn’t sleep, we decided to get out of the house.  We headed down the street to our Bass Pro Shop to ride the carousel.

I just love Bass Pro’s Winter Wonderland!

Malachi wasn’t too thrilled with his first carousel ride.  What kind of boy doesn’t like riding a moose?

This shot is not posed; I captured them as they were… love it!

We ordered pizza for dinner, and I can’t tell you how happy that made me tonight!  Unfortunately, I promised the girls we could FINALLY bust open the cupcake maker one of them got as a birthday present, so there would still be dishes to be done and messes to clean.  They were quite thrilled, and it reminded me of the Easy Bake oven I always wanted as a kid, but never got.  It’s probably a good thing now that I know how silly these things are!  Let me tell ya…

This big box comes with 3 – yes, 3 small cupcake mixes for 3 tiny cupcakes.  You add water, mix, and microwave for 30 seconds; no joke!  And, it comes with 3 small frosting mixes you add water to then put in that large contraption.  We followed the instructions perfectly, but the frosting wasn’t quite thick enough to make nice neat swirls.  Truly you could not pay me to eat one of those cupcakes, but oh, how much fun the kiddos had with it.  Originally, I was going to warn you not to buy this product; however, I think with real cupcakes and homemade frosting, it might just prove to be quite fun!  (Or it may become a play dough toy!)

You’re probably wondering where the birthday boy was in all this?  I had to put him down by 5:00pm.  He was wiped.  Now I’d better get to bed because who knows what time he’ll wake up to start the first day of his second year!

Happy birthday, my sweet boy!

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