Thankful Thursday

Just as I didn’t originally intend to make treats every Thursday for Thankful Thursday, I also didn’t originally intend for Thankful Thursday to be a weekly post… but it just works so nicely!  Today we didn’t, in fact, make our own treats.  We were all ready to, when the phone call came; Daniel was at my favorite bakery and wondering if I wanted my iced sea salt coffee.  (Duh! 🙂 ) And so we anxiously waited for him to get home!

The fall weather did come as forecasted… it was SOOOO cozy!  Before we were allowed to sit in front of the fire, the girls made me take them for a walk; a long walk; in the rain!  I do love the rain, and I do love my girls — so I went.  I can honestly say, I was feeling such joy and thankfulness; thankful that my kids are still little and love to hold hands while walking with their mom.  I’ve had too many days wishing they were bigger.  It was a gift to truly feel glad they are small.  And then…

We finally got to sit in front of the fire!


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