7 Randoms for the 7th

1.  Soccer season is over… Just when they were starting to get the hang of things!  Highlight (sarcastic) for me:  accidentally kicking the ball right into the face of our smallest player on parent scrimmage night and being asked the rest of the season if I had some pent-up aggression.  Yeah, that was totally embarrassing!  Another highlight was glow-in-the-dark practice; too fun!  Oh, and hanging out with Sierra and Malachi on the blanket… love it!

2.  We’re spending a lot more time outside now that the weather is cooler… and taking more baths, too!

3.  I haven’t decided how I feel about the time change, yet.  Our day starts at 5am now — ouch! My 3 year old has bags under her eyes and can throw a tantrum with screams so loud they could break this computer screen.  I’m going to be deaf before I hit 40, guaranteed.  On the bright side, we get our school started sooner.  And, on the even brighter side, this house is QUIET by 7pm.  It’s glorious.

4.  I had the kids pick their favorite 5 pieces of Halloween candy, and then they sold the rest to me.  I’m not sure why — I read that my friend Melissa did this and it seemed like a good idea, but now what do I do with all this candy?  (Grandma, I’ll save it for you for your next visit!)

5.  This girl is the best big sister to this little dude.  He adores her.  She adores him.  It’s quite precious.

6. I cut my hair today — as in a new style!  Actually, it’s a style I had about 15 years ago, but went back to because I needed a change.  Every picture of me since having kids sports the same hairstyle — it was way time for a change!  Think Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail.”  (Don’t I wish I was as cute as her!)  In Allison’s words, my hair is “weird” and I need to go back to the normal me. HA!  We’ll see… this style requires daily washing and use of gel, which is a big deal for this low-maintenance girl who is lucky to sport mascara!

7.  Anyone remember these?  Dry sponges that you can cut into shapes, then put into water to expand and voila! You have a stamp whatever shape you want!  I recently pulled these out for my girls.  I have had them f o r e v e r; perhaps since high school?  Anyway, if you can still find them they were a huge hit for all 3 girls, (and the cat!)  Oh, and taking them outside to do the painting part; best idea, yet!


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