Halloween 2012

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!  Despite some sickies, (more on that later), we had a wonderful day!  I just love that my parents come every year to celebrate with us.  They haven’t missed a Halloween since Allison’s first!

I may not be able to sew costumes, but at least I can handle Halloween bags!  I did the bat and the candy corn a few years back for Allison and Natalie.  (I even hand made their bags!)  I found some black bags for $1 at Michael’s and decided they were close enough to the original bags, so I just added the owl and spider.  (Thanks for your help, mom!)

Funny thing… we were at Target, and Allison insisted I buy orange jello to complete our traditional Halloween dinner.  I said, “But you don’t even like orange jello!”  “It’s a tradition,” she responded! Ha!  And, it turns out she does like it after all.  Good thing, because last year I had to throw it all away!

When it comes to costumes, I am so thankful my girls are “scrappy.”  Once again this year, they just dug through the dress-up pile to come up with a costume.  I wish you could have heard them tapping through the streets!  A sweet friend gave me this dragon -er- dinosaur for Malachi.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get a decent picture of him in it!

The dinosaurThe Chinese Girl

The Kitty Cat

Alice in Wonderland

For the first time ever, the big girls actually came home and took inventory of their stash… they even did some trading.  Oh, how I remember those days!  Good times!  Anyone need any candy?

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