All Boy

Oh, my boy… he is crawling away faster than I can capture him on camera now!  By all means, he was a very late crawler.  Truly, he didn’t really start crawling until last week — over 10 months old!  But, once he started it was like he took off!

He does the typical baby crawl shuffling his legs back and forth.  (Allison was our only “scooter” who used her right leg to propel her forward.)  I absolutely love the baby crawl.  I am eating it up!  Luckily we have lots of hand-me-downs because he prefers to crawl outside.  He prefers to be outside.  Oh, the sad-faced scream when I walk by a door without opening it to go outside!

Once he’s outside, he’s pretty good about finding dirt and rocks.  Don’t try to give him any toys; a boy just needs his dirt and rocks.

Oh, my heart just melts at the sight of my boy.  I always imagined myself a boy mom.  Then I had girls.  Then I couldn’t figure out why I ever wanted to be a boy mom… and I saw myself with a house full of little girls.  Then along came our little man.  That’s when I realized I still had a gap in my heart for a little boy!  Now my heart is full!


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