The Fall Mix

For some, fall starts when the kids go back to school.  For some it’s when the calendar reads September.  For some, it’s actually the first day of fall!  For us… it’s when our apothecary jar is filled with “the fall mix.”  It’s a tradition that started back when I was at college in Minnesota.  Here, let me show you the incredible campus where I went to college:

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Yes, that is where I first fell in love with fall, and where I first was introduced to the fall mix.  On its own, I actually don’t like candy corn.  Add some dry-roasted, salted peanuts and Halloween m&m’s… HEAVENLY!  Last week was our turn to bring treats to soccer, so I added the fall mix to some popcorn balls.  I have no idea how they turned out because there were none left; but I can tell you I consumed way too much of the fall mix while making them.  My favorite time to eat it is on a chilly Sunday with a candle going and the 49er game on.  But, any old time will do, really!  Lately, the big girls and I have treated ourselves to some in the afternoon while finishing up school. Give it a try… even if you don’t like candy corn.  You’ll be hooked!

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