Loving Loofah

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season.  And, yes… it’s for all things pumpkin, Halloween, cozy, apple, yummy, jeans and sweatshirts… But, I bet you not a single one of my thousands of 3 or 4 readers loves fall for this reason:

Yes, you read that right; loofah!  (Ok, so I also threw-in a picture of our dinner, which was yet another yummy Japanese dish my husband has been spoiling us with!)  Anyway, back to loofah… indeed, this is the same plant that when dried you use to wash your body.  I didn’t believe it myself until my husband showed me proof!  Well, once a year we are gifted with these incredible veggies from my in-laws that my husband cooks to perfection with a little ginger.  They are unlike any vegetable I have ever had.  They may look like a squash, and believe me — I have tried many-a-squash from the Asian market in an attempt to find something similar, but there is none like this!  I don’t know what makes it so special, but I really do LOVE this vegetable!  If my father-in-law ever stops growing these, I will be quite devastated!
So, there you have it… reason 2,497 why I love fall!

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