Smiling because…

1.  The 10 day forecast doesn’t go above 87 degrees… welcome, fall!

2.  My husband is on his 4-day, (meaning he’s home the next 4 days).  To top it off, he has shopped for and planned meals for the next 5 days beginning with sushi night tonight!  Be jealous.  Be very jealous.  (Or be totally grossed out — ha!)

3.  There is absolutely nothing on the calendar for tomorrow.  Sometimes you just need a day of rest!  Although, my to-do list will more than fill it I’m certain!

4.  My boy is now crawling all over the place.  And, he’s got little wavy curls popping-up on the back of his head.  It’s nothing like my curly-top, but super adorable on him!  He giggles and giggles over his big sisters.  It is absolutely amazing that I can get anything done other than staring at him all day.  Oh, my sweet little mama’s boy!

5.  A package came in the mail today.  The amazing Darcy sold me her old camera lens, and I am already in love.  Can’t wait to play, play, play!  Consider this your warning: lots more pictures to come!  THANK YOU, Darcy!!!


5 responses to “Smiling because…

  1. I am jealous, very jealous! I love sushi, but I am the only one who will eat it; so alas, I have to wait until I go out with a friend who likes it too.
    Enjoy your day of “nothing” and the sweet little man; you deserve it!

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