The Little Things…

I love homeschooling.  Of course, we have our days… and I know it’s not for everyone.  But, I really do love it.  That being said, there are certain things about sending the kids off to school that I have always thought would be nice.  Like free time?  Well, sure… but I’m quite certain it would go by all too fast and I probably would waste it away!  What I’m talking about are the simple little things like packing a lunch with a note inside, or packing a fun snack.

This year Natalie started piano along with Allison, so I now have a full hour of lessons rather than a half hour, which is over before you can blink!  So, on Monday mornings I get to drop them off at piano and take the 2 littles out for a walk or to the store or park or something.  (I am hoping to start running again once this heat finally goes away!)  Anyway, the part I’m really excited about is that I get to write them a little note to tell them what to work on while they’re waiting their turn for lessons.  I always include a “lunchbox joke” and a fun snack in their pencil box.  Today being October, I got to include Halloween jokes.  It’s silly, but we all look forward to it!  They love the chance to work independently, and can’t wait to read the note and joke.  Plus, I get an hour to myself (sort of).

They got the fun folders, clips, and pencil cases from a birthday party.  I keep them in a special bag, and pull them out Sunday night to put the note, snack, and work in.  Hooray for lunchbox jokes, notes from mom, and fun snacks!


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