Oak Glen 2012

In the next 3 months, we will celebrate 3 kids birthdays along with all the holidays; yikes!  I say bring it on… I am ready!  Just please bring some cooler weather, too!

For the fifth year in a row now, we headed up the mountain to Oak Glen to kick-off our start to fall. This has become my most favorite tradition.  For the first time, however, we decided to do one of their tours along with picking pears.  (They had a bumper crop of apples this year, but we enjoyed the pears so much last year we decided to do pears again!)

We chose the Colonial farm life tour, which was perfect for my girls who are studying the colonial days once again this year.  (Not-to-mention, one of them would like to be a farmer’s wife when she grows up!)

The tour is 2 hours long, with about 15 minutes at each “station.”  The cruel part is, you can smell fresh-baked bread and apple pie the entire time!

Our first station taught us all about colonial tools.  (I may have been changing a diaper, so I missed most of it!)  Next were the colonial games. Allison was chosen as a volunteer, and did a great job catching the hoop!  (We won’t talk about how she did throwing it!)  It was certainly fun to try, though!

Making apple cider; nom, nom!

Making candles!  Later that night, we lit the candles and told stories until they were completely burned out.  The girls thought that was pretty cool!

There was a lesson on etiquette that was quite entertaining!

Writing with quill pens was a definite highlight.

Our last 2 stations were churning butter and learning to weave.  I was happy to have a rest at this point!  As soon as they were through, we rushed to the restaurant for some cold cider from pewter glasses, fresh bread and butter, and delicious food!  I highly recommend eating there if you are ever at Riley’s Farm!

After lunch, we headed out to pick our pears.  We were all feeling refreshed….

Well, most of us were refreshed.  The little guy took it easy in Papa’s arms!

Sierra was happy to finally see some animals; horses, goats and sheep!

We opted for the large bag, once again.  Can’t beat fresh, organic fruit!

Seeing pumpkins makes me happy!

We saw deer both on the way in and the way out.  It was a lovely start, and a lovely finish to our day!


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