If I blog about it…

…it will be cute and funny!  Then I can laugh about it, instead of crying!  (Am I the only one who thinks like this?)

Like the crayon all over the end table.  (And I mean ALL over!)

…Or the tp STUFFED in the toilet… again!  (and again and again and…)

How about that gum stuck to the wall?  I’ll give you one guess who the culprit is… (at least she didn’t chew it this time!)

Yup, you guessed it… the cutie who’s choking her brother!  Well, it worked; I do feel better now that I’ve shared with you.  (A little.)  I know Grandma is smiling!  I could have taken more incriminating photos; like the hand sanitizer squirted all over the garage, or the toothpaste in the bathroom sink, (at least it’s in the sink!), or the Bible that’s now missing a few pages.  But, I thought I’d spare you.

Oh, my sweet girl!  May God richly bless you with 12 kids exactly like you!


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