I started this post so long ago with so many thoughts and a brain too tired to put them all together.  Now I still have a tired brain, but I’ve forgotten all my thoughts; ha!  Let’s see if I can pull this together.

It started a few weeks ago. I was on Amazon looking to order my new Bible study, when I came across a book and decided to browse a few pages.  To this day, I have no idea how the book popped up on my screen, other than a Divine placement!   The book is titled… are you ready for this?  “Unglued,” by Lisa Terkeurst.  I don’t consider myself to be one who typically comes unglued, so I have no idea why I decided to read a few pages.  Upon reading those few pages, however, I realized that I could absolutely relate!

I put the book in my cart, but didn’t pull the trigger.  A funny thing started happening.  I realized I actually do come unglued way too often.  Oh, how I hate typing this.  What I would hate even more is to remain the same, when clearly God was convicting me in His loving way.  But how do I change?  I always vow to not come unglued, but inevitably it happens again.  So!  I bought the book.  🙂

I could hardly wait to start the book when it arrived.  That night I read a passage that made my heart jump.  “In that moment, I caught a glimpse of how crucial perspective can be.”  Perspective.  It’s the one thing that I studied all summer in my Priscilla Shirer “Jonah” Bible study.  That was but 7 weeks ago, and I had already forgotten!  See, God gave Jonah an assignment, which he considered to be an interruption to his life.  He gives us assignments, as well.  What he wants is for us to see them as divine interventions, not interruptions… When we change our perspective, so many times, it changes everything!

The day after reading this, I packed the kids in the car for Target.  They all had full tummies and filled water bottles to bring along on this hot day.  It was not too close to lunch or nap times.  We drove.  I found a spot in the shade, right next to one of those awesome mother-load carts.  I packed the kids in, and then went to grab my purse.  DOH!  I had left it at home.  God spoke to my heart immediately.  I knew I had a choice on how I was going to react, and the kids would follow suit.  I calmly explained we would not be doing our Target shopping that morning, but would have to get back in the car and head home.  On the outside I was doing a great job, but inside my heart was still growling, and steam practically came out of my ears.  We packed in the car, turned-up the music, and went to pull out.  I waited as a mom with no hair and her 4-yr-old walked out of Target.  Perspective.  Gulp!  I silently prayed for forgiveness.

We did eventually make it to Target the next day.  And, I found these awesome mugs in the clearance section, which just made my heart happy!  I decided to use them that night for my monthly get-together with my fellow homeschool mommies.  Once a month, I am trying to have any and all of my homeschool friends come over for a devotion/ dessert/ fellowship/ craft time.  

We began our night with a devotion.  Of course, I dug back into my Jonah Bible study for a little reminder about perspective!  This particular night, we made generic countdown calendars.  I’ve been wanting to use these old Ikea mirrors that once hung in my old bedroom for quite some time now.  Mostly, it was fun to paint while chatting with these awesome ladies!  (Can you guess what inspired my design?)


Oh, and like I said… I started this post a while ago.  I believe you only have about 103 days left or so!


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