Random Picture Post

1.  I absolutely love finding notes taped around the house.  I find them so adorable!  (Especially the ones that say “I love mom!”) Oh, and the Bible verses are nice, too.  The “Keep out” signs make me laugh!

2.  We’re still swimming.  Just keep swimming… just keep swimming…  Really, what else are you suppose to do when it’s 100 degrees out?  Daniel found these fun swim hats for the girls, and I nearly drowned laughing at Allison swim towards me the first time.  They’re very fun!

3.  We attempted a solar oven for an afternoon s’more snack.  The only problem was, the wind had blown it around most of the time, and we didn’t notice!  Oops… In the end, we enjoyed some warm s’mores!

4.  We have two black chickens known as “Jersey Black Giants.”  We were told they would often lay huge eggs with double yolks.  We waited… and waited… and finally got one!  The egg was ginormous!  In the past, a double-yolked egg would have freaked me out; not sure why.  Now that I’ve been married to a man who eats chicken feet for so long, I am totally ok with a double-yolked egg.  This was my breakfast!

5.  The girls have been busy making fairy houses.  I heard them making plans to sneak out at midnight to see if fairies were really real.  So far, they’v e slept through the night – ha!  Hmmm… what kind of “evidence” could I leave in these houses?

6.  Just before school started, we used up some of our older crayons and made some new heart crayons to share with friends.  I think it’s time for a trip to Ikea to find some more fun ice cube trays.  Actually, it’s always a good time for a trip to Ikea!


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