Thankful Thursday

And just like that, another school week is coming to a close.  It’s no surprise that my girls now LOVE Thursdays… and so do I!  This tea party thing is definitely a hit with all of us.  Today we made Darcy’s raspberry coffee cake.  Nom nom!  (Yes, I am her stalker, but she’s ok with that – ha!)  We’re already discussing next week’s treat — scones or rice krispy treats?  Decisions, decisions!


Ironically, we just finished reading Philis Wheatley’s biography and today happened to be about the Boston Tea Party.  It was a pretty awesome read.  I am so thankful for those tea partiers; (and today’s tea party as well, but that’s another post!)  It is absolutely amazing to read how Philis’ “family,” the Wheatley’s, gave-up their wealth by refusing to buy fabric and tea from England.  Oh, if only we Americans lived with such conviction today!  One of my absolute favorite parts of homeschooling is reading through history so many of the things that I missed as a kid.  Fascinating, eye-opening, and important!  It was also amazing to read how our humble first president honored her.  That fit in well with our Bible verse this week, which deals with the character trait humility.  WE also finished reading about Helen Keller; another amazing, yet humble human being!  So today I am thankful for our country… our rich heritage… my sight, and my ability to hear!

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