Snapshots and Ponderings of our Week

Tonight as we were walking upstairs to bed, my oldest said to me, “Mom, I am done with people for today.”  Ha!  I know what you mean, little one… I have days like that, as well.  Do you ever begin a blog post feeling one way, take a break, and come back feeling totally different?  That’s kind of what’s happened to me with this post.  It seems every time I sit down to write it, my feelings have totally changed!

Our first week of school is done.  I can honestly say that I have had every range of emotions this week.  I have felt completely overwhelmed like I was the worst mom/ teacher in the world, and like a totally awesome mom/ teacher all in one day.  I have felt completely empowered like I could do anything, and completely inadequate like I needed to throw up my hands and let others teach my children… and then empowered again… and then inadequate again… back and forth and back and forth all within a day!  Thank goodness we don’t rely on our emotions to determine what we should do, huh?

“I lift my eyes up to the hills.  Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord; the Maker of Heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot stumble.  He who watches over you never slumbers.” Psalm 121:1 – 3

I am ever so grateful for the cooler days we’ve experienced.  Sometimes just getting outside reminds me all will be ok.  I chase a 2-year-old with the cutest toddler run around the backyard, and let her laugh.

I get frustrated with her craziness, but take pictures to remind me how precious this time is and how much I will miss it when it’s gone.  I get lost staring into her eyes.  What goes in in that little 2-year-old mind?

I let my boy make messes.  He is finally back to himself after a few weeks of teething/ ear infection/ fevers, and lack of sleep!  It’s good to have you back, buddy!

I knew this year would be a challenge with school.  The girls are getting older, and more is expected of them.  I also have my two littles to nurture, teach, chase, and tickle.  At this very moment I am feeling empowered.  As I said, my emotions continue to change.  That is why I truly do need to remember where my help comes from.  I need to read His word, and fall on my face.  To be honest, I’m pretty good at going on my knees each night.  It is like I crave that time!  I am not so good at the quiet part — being still, and listening to Him.  Looking in His word.  I need to get back to that!  I have decided to join the Beautifully Rooted Bible Study on James by Beth Moore.  I have done many Beth Moore studies, and she almost holds an “idol” spot in my heart… I absolutely adore Beth Moore!  (Who doesn’t?!?!)  I ordered my book, and will start in September.  I am super excited, and can’t wait to share with you her little tidbits.

It’s now an hour after putting the girls to bed.  My oldest is still talking; as usual!  Somehow, I think she got over her need to be alone.

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