Friday Tie-dye Day

Today is long overdue… for some reason, the very first thing on our summer bucket list was “tie-dye.”  The girls had been wanting to do tie-dye for quite some time now. Alas, even though our vacation may be over, at least it’s still summer so we can cross it off our summer bucket list!

We began our day with tie-dye pancakes.

“Look at my hands, mom!  Take a picture like this!”

It is a messy process, so we got our hands all wrapped-up, then went outside to begin!  (Other than the curious cat who kept jumping on the table, outdoors was a smart choice!)

It’s especially messy when you let a 2-yr-old do it herself…

We read about all the different types of tie-dye you could do.  Then we pretty much did our own thing.  Technically, Allison, Sierra, and Malachi all did a “starburst,” while Natalie did a “swirl…” We’ll see!  We actually did do school after this because we had a few things to get done before wrapping-up our first week.  And, just like that, our first week of school has come to an end!  I’ll be pondering that further soon…

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