It’s Almost Here!

After 12 straight days of 100+ temps, I am so happy and relieved to report that the forecast for tomorrow is a mere 95 degrees.  Whew… I am not a fan of the heat!  Though, I must say it is so much more bearable now that we have a pool!  And, guess what?  Sierra is finally happy getting in the pool.  Want to know why?  It is not because of the miserable heat.  She spent the first 8 days of this heat wave still refusing to get in the pool.  It’s because we found her a floating device that we call her “ballerina swimsuit.”  Yes, that’s right.  Whatever it takes!  The beauty is that I found it on clearance and she took right to it!  And, the funny part is, she really thinks it’s a suit, and therefore refuses to wear another suit underneath… so beware of a little naked bum running around our backyard!

I realized something the other day… we used to spend hours and hours outside the front of our house each morning at our old house.  We loved being on a cul-de-sac because of it, and were so excited that we moved into another house on a very similar-type cul-de-sac.  However, due to the awesomeness of our backyard, we rarely venture out the front yard anymore!  Because of this realization, I made an effort this past week to get us out front.  The dog was elated; he loves running around out front!  Malachi was quite content under the shade of the tree with his buddy.  And, the girls practiced their bike riding and bubble blowing.  (Side note: my husband took them to Toys R Us one day to beat the heat, and bought chocolate chip-smelling bubbles.  Some things were not meant to smell like chocolate!)

So, as much as we are loving both our front yard and our backyard, we will soon be back to our classroom.  Tomorrow is the official start of our last weekend before school starts!  Unfortunately, my husband is working all weekend which has me a bit stressed.  I was just pondering how it is that I spent the entire summer attempting to organize and plan, and yet I still feel slightly unsettled?  I do know the answer… I have been trying to do, do, do instead of taking a sabbath and praying.  It’s so much “easier” to try to do it on my own, and yet look where it leads me?  So, this weekend I am throwing up my arms… literally.  God will help me through it.  And I am reminded once again of just how desperately I need Him!
Part of my preparation has been coming up with activities to entertain my 2-yr-old.  I have noticed recently she is more capable of certain things, and her attention span has grown a bit.  That will certainly be helpful!  For example, I discovered the girl who doesn’t like to string beads at least enjoys sorting them!

And, this little man… well, the poor dude has been sick.  A few days ago he hit some high temps, so I took him in to urgent care.  They say it’s a slight ear infection and have him on antibiotics, but the poor little guy has hardly slept the past 2 days.  (This is also contributing to my pre-starting-school-stress!)  He also just cut his top 2 teeth, which may be another factor.  Thankfully, this being the 4th time around I know it is a season; a short season that will pass before I know it.  Isn’t he the sweetest?

One thing I am really looking forward to this year will be our thankful Thursdays. Every Thursday we will sip tea and journal together 10 things we are thankful for.  This idea of journaling our thankfulness, of course, is not unique.  But, I am so looking forward to building gratitude in their little hearts and having tea parties with my little girls while they’re still little!

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