Great Grandma

I’m 37 1/2 today.  I normally don’t celebrate half birthdays.  I rarely even notice them, really.  But, as I look at these pictures it occurred to me…

I am 37 1/2, and I still have 3 out of 4 of my grandparents living.  I don’t know many of my friends who can say that.  What an incredible blessing!  As we were just up north, we went to see my oldest grandma who is 97.  I hadn’t seen her in a few years, but I knew she’d gone downhill quite a bit.  I was shocked to see not how far she had gone, but how sweet she still was!  This lady is incredible.  My memories of her are always smiling, laughing, and saying “Oh, good!” or “On our way rejoicing!” and my personal favorite, “Isn’t that NEAT?”

She is still the same sweet lady.  She smiled and laughed her precious grandma laugh.  She had recently lost a tooth, and kept covering it out of embarrassment.  I kept wondering what my girls were thinking. I remember visiting my great, great grandma when I was little.  (Yes, we have good genes!)  All she could say was, “What’s your name?  Want to see my false teeth?”  Over and over.  I’m sure this experience is about the same for my girls.

I walked out of the room and was overcome with emotion.  It completely took me by surprise.  I wanted to go in a corner and sob, but we were on our way to a party, and it just couldn’t happen.  Most likely this was the last time I will see her on this side of heaven in this body.  Even as I type this, I am surprised by my emotions.  I am blessed by a legacy of joy, of solid marriage, of a foundation in Christ.  I have not experienced much heartbreak in my life.  I married my first boyfriend.  I have 4 healthy children, and no miscarriages.  And, I still have 3 grandparents… I am blessed, blessed, blessed!

6 responses to “Great Grandma

  1. Thank you for posting these sweet pics of my Aunt Kaki!! I too remember those quotes of hers…and my mom and I always say “On our way rejoicing” when we set off on a trip! The interesting coincidence is that my mom has the same bedspread set as is shown behind Kaki’s head!! We are planning a trip to Alameda soon to see her again. Sorry to see she lost a tooth, but her smile is still beautiful! Blessings to you and your family!! Seeing all you do makes me tired – you are an awesome mommy I will be praying for your endurance!

    • Aw, thanks so much for your comment, Carol! Yes, her smile is still beautiful… I feel so blessed to be her granddaughter! Enjoy your trip to Alameda. And, thank you for the prayers. I am tired, but so blessed — God is faithful!

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