First Dozen

Would you believe we’ve gone through our first dozen eggs, already?  To be honest, I didn’t know it was going to be so fun.  I am loving checking for eggs as much as my kiddos!  So, do you want to know what fresh eggs are like?  The yolks are incredibly orange.  The shells are super hard.  And, the taste is delicious!

Once the other 3 chickens start producing, I am quite certain we’ll have enough to share!  Right now they can’t keep up with us.  🙂


4 responses to “First Dozen

  1. We ate our egg today. 🙂 Mixed with the other 5 eggs it was hard to tell the taste difference but the color difference was cool. Brenson was disappointed. He wanted it to turn into a chick…no matter how many times I told him it wouldn’t/couldn’t. But he ate it anyway. HA! Thanks for sharing!

    • That is super cool! Brenson is so funny — he kept asking me where to get a rooster so his egg could get fertilized; ha! One of the yellow chickens has started laying now, so we got 4 yesterday and 3 today. 🙂

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