First Egg!


This is Brita.  She may be our smallest chicken, but she seems to lead the pack in all she does. Today was no different.  Allison came running into the house this morning screaming, “Oh Mom, MOOOOM, you will NOT believe it!”  I think you may have guessed by the title of this post, but indeed Brita had laid an egg; our first!  It really was exciting.  My husband was at work, so I immediately had Allison call him.


This girl LOVES our chickens.  She is outside first thing in the morning with them.  The sweet cuddly cat; the soft, playful dog; the fish she got for her 5th birthday… they all come in second after the chickens.  Here Allison is sketching Brita on her new sketch pad.  She sits among the chickens most afternoons and they have a lovely time.  Anyway, I am quite certain she will be running out to see them even more often, (if that’s even possible), now that they are giving us these:


It was still warm.  I hear you’re not suppose to eat the first egg, but we might just have to… it’s just so cool!  On a side note, Elle also gave us an egg today.  Two eggs in one day… that will definitely help out on our Costco bill soon!


5 responses to “First Egg!

  1. Awesome! You have to post after you eat the first eggs. I want to know why you’re not supposed to eat them! 🙂

  2. Cool! I have thought it would be fun to raise chickens for their eggs, but I am afraid they would produce way more than we eat (we go thru maybe 1 dozen a month). Any thoughts as to what you’ll do with all the eggs?

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