No Place Like Home!

The title of this post has a double-meaning, really.  It’s so great to be back home.  And, I do LOVE my home.  But, it was also great to be back in my first home — the place I was raised my entire life.

There’s something so relaxing about vacationing in your former home.  We had grand visions of visiting San Francisco, heading to the beach, and so on… Instead, we decided to lay low and enjoy times like reading books with Grandma on her bed…

…Or drinking Grandma’s famous chocolate malts…

…Or playing piano with our siblings…

…Or eating Cheerios off the floor.  These are the fun moments to remember!  Personally, I was also able to take long walks through the hills where my parents live, take some naps, and do some school planning… all while the girls did VBS at my parent’s church or played with Grandma!  I am so blessed!  Oh — and one more little blessing on my trip.  I got to meet-up with one of my favorite bloggers.  How fun is that?  Darcy from Just a Night Owl met me for a fun dinner and for just one night I got to be a night owl, too!  🙂 Darcy, you are awesome and I wish we lived closer!


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