Ok, my “Sound of Music” fans… sing with me… “How do you solve a problem like Sierra?  How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?”

Oh, my sweet girl.  If you’re not throwing your strawberry stems in your sister’s water or spinning your brother in his exersaucer until he looks pale, we may find you ripping pages in books or putting on mascara or pulling the cat’s tail.

You’re two.  That’s all.  You’re learning.  You are teachable.  I’m so thankful you respond to punishment.  I’m thankful for your tender heart.  As naughty as you can be, I think you cry harder when your sisters are punished than yourself!  Oh, and you’re funny.  Truly a natural comedian in addition to your two-year-old funnyisms.  (I made up that word!)  There’s no denying you are cute.  God made you that way.  You love to sing!!!  I could listen to your precious songs all day.  Right now your favorites are “All I know is I’m not Home yet,” and “Mighty to Save.”

I can say in all honesty, I am not ready for you to grow-up.  If you could sleep better, that would be helpful.  But, I am not ready for you to stop calling yourself “Siwerwa,” or for you to stop calling videos “Biddywehwos,” (long story on how that one came to be!)  You  are precious.  And, you are one smart two-year-old!  I love your cuddles.  You are by far my biggest cuddlebug!  In all your craziness… in all your naughtiness…in all your two-ness, I couldn’t love you more!

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