Happenings, Updates, and Milestones… oh my!

My oh my does time seem to be flying by.  Mid-July?  Really?  Here’s a quick update on the kiddos as of this summer…Allison, (or number 1 as we sometimes refer to her), has finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels.  Woohoo!  Truly, it was our fault that it took so long.  She wasn’t all that interested in trying, and we simply didn’t take her.  For some reason, I was starting to feel a little stressed about this; silly me!  She is also becoming an excellent swimmer.  She definitely gets practice everyday!  Her newest “trick” is her backfloat.  Way to go, Allison!  And, she is a big help with all our living creatures, whether it be catching bugs or lizards, petting the cat, letting the chickens out, or watching her sister or brother!

Malachi… sweet, sweet boy!  He is a very strong sitter now; (doesn’t even need the boppy).  Because of his new-found skill f sitting-up, he is very content by himself with a pile of toys while I cook.  This is a huge help and relief to my back!  He also cut his first tooth, and it looks like more will follow very soon.  As with most of my kids at 7 months, he has fallen into a schedule that is somewhat predictable which makes life a little easier for me.  And,, his “big trick” is clapping on command.  Oh, it is so precious.  He is in 12 month clothes and very tall for his age!

Seeser Beeser Boo… I believe I can say she is officially potty-trained.  (PHEW!!)  She has been by far my most difficult in this category.  There’s just so much to say… I believe she will get a post of her own, soon!  In this picture, I told her I was going to check on… and in my brief hesitation, she said in her silliest voice, “Muhlockey???”  Yes, she has a sense of humor!

Recognize this girl?  This is the second time she came oh so close to having her hair long enough to donate to”Locks of Love,” when she decided she couldn’t wait any longer and had to cut it.  As a parent, I was torn as to whether or not I should allow her to, or make her wait.  In the end, (obviously), I decided to let her make the decision.  She loves er new style, and is feeling quite adorable these days.  She has also become an amazing swimmer for a girl who was afraid to put her face in the water just a month ago.  Leaps and bounds, I tell ya!  And, she cannot wait to start school.  Every day she begs me to let her start her math.  Again, I am feeling like a silly mother, but I told her she has to wait… because, quite frankly, I am not ready; Ha!

So, there you have it!

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