It’s All in the Little Things

As much as I love bento boxes and muffin tin lunches, I am usually in a hurry just to feed my kids as fast as possible so I can get the littlest ones down for a nap. I was making lunch the other day, when an idea occurred to me… to help my wraps stay tight, I could use a toothpick!  And, not just any toothpick; my fun summer toothpicks I found on clearance for 30 cents.  Such a small touch… nothing fancy at all!  But, what an impression it made on the kids!  It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would get one of those fun umbrellas in a drink at some restaurant.  It just felt so special.  It’s just the little touches, you know?  Lunch was enjoyed and gobbled-up without complaint.  And, it was special without taking any extra thought or time.  Hooray for simple ideas!


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