Meet “Stray”

It’s 6am.  Sierra just fell back asleep after waking us up at 4am.  Daniel just left for work.  I am SO ready to fall back asleep, and then I hear it.  The chickens are “bocking” up a storm and going CRAZY.  I had never heard the chickens before.  I went out to see what was the matter — Sierra met me on the way!

A CAT?!?!?  Really??  That was a week ago.  The girls were thrilled!  This is not just any cat — it puts up with Sierra pulling its tail, will roll over for you to pet its tummy, and follows Daniel everywhere he goes.  It is super duper friendly.  We tried not to feed it.  Two days ago we caved.  It now gets along with the dog and no longer chases the chickens.  Oh, and today it brought me this: (WARNING: avert your eyes if you’re squeamish!)

It’s a sweet cat.  Really, it is.  I just don’t need another time waster -er- money sucker –er- living creature under my care!  Here is the girls’ artwork on the subject:

And, here is the kitty with the troublemaker: (Another warning:  naked girl!)

Anybody want a cat? 🙂


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