7 Months Old

Oh, where has the time gone?  My little guy turned seven months on Saturday, and now he’s suddenly wearing 12 month clothes, eating baby food, and sitting-up mostly by himself.  He also had his first play date… it didn’t go so well!


I just love this picture… can’t wait to show him and his buddy when they get older!

Surprisingly, he still smiles for his big sister Sierra… you know, the one who shoves as many puffs as she can into his mouth, spins him until he’s dizzy-sick in his exersaucer, pinches him harder than any grandma possibly could, and demands I put him down so she can be held whenever she sees fit.  (Don’t get me started — today she put as many clothing and toy items in the potty as she could find, threw scissors at her sister and made her bleed, and left a trail of disaster everywhere she went, which I really should be cleaning right now…)  Oh, but I digress.  Yes, my sweet boy seems sweeter by the day.  I’m madly in love.  And, his adorable sister is paving the way for him when he turns two, because I am quite certain no child could be any naughtier!


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