Father’s Day 2012

We had a fun-filled Father’s Day!  It began at 8:00 when the girls presented Daniel with breakfast in bed; his favorite breakfast, an omelet.

Next came the first “clue.” You see, Daniel had no idea what was in store for the day, and instead of telling him, we gave him a clue or card or present every hour of the day.  The first was both a card and a clue informing him he needed to get ready and be in the car in one hour.

Our monkey in all her mop-head glory!

Our first destination was bowling!It is an empty place on Sunday mornings, not-to-mention dads bowled for free on Father’s day.  I was certain Sierra would want to bowl, so we rented her shoes but instead she wanted to play in the game area the entire time.  Oh, well!  At least I got a cute picture of her in her bowling shoes!

We were suppose to do sushi for lunch, but our favorite place was closed.  Bummer.  We enjoyed some Chinese, instead.  Then came home for a swim!

Two more presents; “nuts about dad” (made from an old salad dressing jar recycled), and his favorite homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.

Oh — and did I mention we ran out of diapers and randomly decided to potty train that day?  SO not my favorite part of motherhood… (but, she did surprisingly well, and it will make this a memorable father’s day!)

Finally, dinner… golden garlic rosemary potatoes, red spinach, and grilled ribs.  It was a meal fit for a king -er- the king of our family.  We love you dearly, Daniel!


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