Potty Training

It started on Father’s Day.  We woke-up and realized we were out of diapers and had 2 options; potty-train or run to the store.  Everything in me wanted to run to the store.  I even knew Target was having a clearance on diapers.  We chose to potty train, and have been exhausted ever since.  Thankfully, it is going ok.

First, let me explain the picture.  Some friends were over and getting ready to leave.  I gave them each a treat.  Sierra wanted one, as well.  She has been living on treats for going potty, so I said “No.”  She cried.  (More like, she screamed bloody murder.)  It lasted almost an hour.  She hasn’t napped in weeks.  We had spent the entire afternoon swimming.  She was spent, and this was the result. I am so thrilled to have this adorable picture.  I cant wait to have it blown-up and hung in my bathroom!

As far as potty-training goes, she hasn’t been so good at going peeps.  She is starting to realize it only now on day 6.  But, she goes number 2 all by herself on the big potty and only tells us when she needs a wipe.  Now that has been cool — and totally unexpected.  I am so happy she prefers the big potty.  Who likes cleaning those little nasty things anyway?  I am also loving squeezing that little undie bottom.  I love when they first change over from diapers! 🙂

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