Crazy Sock Day


Mondays are a bit nuts… (Classical Conversations all day, and then 3 soccer practices in the evening.)  We were running out the door, when the kids showed me their silly socks for silly sock day.  SMILE.  My kids absolutely love their classical conversations classes.  They have been a blessing in so many ways.  Community.  Accountability.  Confidence.  Friendships.  Content… It’s all excellent and just what we needed.  I’ll admit, I thought we were doing fine before.  And, we have a little bit less time for crafts and things during the week.  But, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.  I heard about this program right when we started homeschooling, but I was a skeptic and hesitant because of the financial commitment.  I now see it in our homeschooling future, and gladly sing its praises to anyone interested.

Needing Turtles

Yesterday was Sunday.  We had gone to church Saturday night, and had absolutely nothing on the calendar for the day.  Not a thing.  It was glorious!  We all needed a day like that.  I had an extra cup of coffee with the air conditioning blasting so I could pretend it was cold outside and watched my boy play while I worked on my own project.  We stayed in jammies until lunch, and then went right into swimsuits.  (Of course, we didn’t swim until thoroughly searching the pool for possums!)  Allison wanted to do a craft, so she busted out the craft books and came up with one all on her own.  (I love my growing kiddos!)  She decided on turtles.  I watched and smiled… I needed a day of turtles!

tur 1

tur 2

tur 3

LA County Fair 2014

I’ll admit it.  The fair just doesn’t excite me as much as it does the rest of my family members; mostly because it’s so hot.  But, it is tradition… and I love tradition!  (It’s worth it just to watch my husband get as excited about the petting zoo as the kids!)  I always leave with a smile.  This year turned out to be especially great for me, as their newest exhibit is a huge garden.  I was able to have a one-on-one talk with the garden expert and ask all my questions.  I want to go back and take a note pad with me; this guy was incredibly knowledgeable!  (I’ll have to chat with him while the kids do rides so I am not interrupted!)  Anyway, here is our trip in pictures:

lacf 1 lacf 2 lacf 3

lacf 4 lacf 5 lacf 6 lacf 7

lacf 8 lacf 9 lacf 10

lacf 11

lacf 12.5

lacf 12

lacf 13.5

lacf 13.8

lacf 13.75 lacf 13 lacf 14

What Did We Find?

It was 104 today… sadly, far too hot for me to muster up any energy to pull out our fall decor.  Maybe next week!  The good news is after our 3 soccer practices this morning, we decided to go for a family swim to cool off before church and a birthday party.  My husband was home, so he decided to clean the pool a little before joining us.  The next thing I know, my husband “screamed.”  (He gave out a startled yell.)  I knew it had to be something crazy…. We have found bunnies, lizards, and even a mouse in our pool… but this one was most disturbing!

pos 1

pos 2

pos 3

In case you were wondering, it is a baby possum.  As my husband opened the cover to the leaf basket, it tried to crawl out.  (EEEWWW!)  After grabbing some gloves, he picked it up.  (EEEEEEWWWWWW!)  I took pictures.  Now it is in a cage outside this room.  I kid you not.  (EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)  Someone please tell my husband we can NOT have a baby possum for a pet.

Jumping In!

ju 1

School started a few weeks back with a relaxing and fun first week.  Then we added our Classical Conversations class and work, along with soccer.  It felt busier… but we had Labor Day to give us a break.  This week we’ve added piano and School of Ministry, and next week we add AWANA.  Now it feels like we’ve jumped in!

ju 2

Breakfast Cookies!

Every time I read “breakfast cookies” on Pinterest or  a blog, I get excited!  I haven’t met a breakfast cookie I didn’t like!  But, when I read “peanut butter and chocolate” as ingredients on these , I made them immediately!  (Well, the next morning!)

bk 1

I thought they tasted awesome, but they were a bit dry making it tough to hold them together.  I think next time I will use 3/4 cups whole wheat flour instead of 1 cup.  And, there definitely will be a “next time!”  Go get the recipe here!  She even has a cute printable to go with them.

bk 2

And, on a totally different note, we had another fun weekend of soccer, swimming, and friends.  This week we add piano and School of Ministry to our schedule, and next week comes AWANA.  (And I thought this school year was busy enough, already!)  At least we have yummy breakfast cookies that also work as a great snack.

Labor Day 2014

Holiday weekends are rarely “special” for us for two reasons: 1)  My husband’s schedule often gives him 3 days in a row off, and 2)  My husband usually has to work holiday weekends.  But, this past Labor Day weekend we actually had Daniel with has all 3 days… and it did feel special!  We had friends over, crafted, swam, and barbecued.

labor day 1

labor day 2

My husband does amazing smoked turkey legs!  (And these chicken drumsticks were quite tasty, as well!)