Friday we left San Mateo and headed across the Golden Gate up to Healdsburg to begin wedding preparations.   It was so fun to drive through the city with my kids!  We keep saying we are going to take them, but alas time slips away.  At least now we can say they’ve driven through it.

hb 1

hb 2

This was the Yeh’s first time to the Russian River Valley, but it certainly won’t be our last.  What an amazingly beautiful place!

hb 3

hb 4

As soon as we arrived, we began prepping flowers for the wedding.

hb 6.5

Look how calm she is!

hb 6

Of course, we had to try the Nespresso maker before heading up the hill for the rehearsal.

hb 7

Gasp… yes, I know why they chose this location!

hb 8

hb 9

hb 10

hb 11

hb 12

hb 13

hb 14

hb 15

hb 16

hb 17

After the rehearsal, we went to the most incredible rehearsal dinner ever.  The food was amazing.  Natalie told us she learned a new word; “gourmet.”

hb 18 hb 19 hb 20

Stay tuned for the wedding…

Half Moon Bay

What I didn’t mention yesterday is that the pumpkin patch we went to is just a few miles from the beach.  Instead of paying $10 to park, we drove just 2 miles farther to the free beach with cliff climbing access… yikes!  It was absolutely gorgeous, though.  And nobody else was there.  I’ll take a freezing cold Northern California empty beach over a crowded warm Southern California beach any day!

beach 1

beach 2

beach 3

Across the parking lot was a huge open field with these 2 beautiful horses.  They were standing far off, but came right up to us when we approached the fence.

beach 4

beach 5

As I mentioned before, the only access to the beach was down a steep cliff path…

beach 8

… I went down just far enough to take this picture, then headed back up to leave the camera in the car.  I needed all my limbs free in order to get down!

beach 10

While down below, we found a beautiful tide pool area, but spotted just one anemone and one baby eel.  Up above, we spotted a red tail hawk and several pelicans.  The kids were even able to make it back up the cliff with a pelican feather souvenir.  :)

Grandpa and Grandma’s House

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, the title gives it away!  We had such a wonderful trip, and now I am beat.  Oh wait… back to school, soccer, and the start of birthdays and holidays; there’s no time to be beat!  At least the weather is cooler, so there is time to drink coffee.  :)

There were many different parts to our trip, but I didn’t want to skip over the “little” things at Grandma’s house… like hugging Grandma, playing with her toys and dolls, reading her books, and playing her piano.

gh 1 gh 2 gh 3 gh 4

I think the kids had just as much fun hanging out at the house as doing all our activities!  I also included a few little pictures of some of the subtle fall decorations my mom had around.  She is pretty amazing at decorating, but doesn’t go overboard.  Thanks for your inspiration and ideas, Mom!

Lots more pics to come…

S and A

All my children love animals.  They all seem especially fond of kittens.  But this one… Sierra… I would have to say she seems to be the most attached to our newest little addition, Angel Catniss.  (Natalie came up with Angel, and the people who gave him to us had named him Catniss.)

ang 1

In the 3 weeks we’ve had him, he has more than doubled in size.  I have to start taking more pictures!

ang 2 ang 3

I did run and grab the camera when I saw this: Sierra “reading” her Halloween books to Angel.  Precious.  It’s fun to have a kitten around, again!  (Though I am reminded, they can be quite the time wasters!)

A Waterfall, a Friend, and some Thoughts

Sometimes my words escape me.  And, sometimes I feel there are just too many for this here little blog.  I just spent 20 minutes typing away, and then hitting delete.  It was more of a prayer than a blog entry, anyway.  I’m pretty sure God read it before I hit delete. :)

wf 1

All that to say, I’m a bit tired and worn.  But I am reminded that it takes these times to really get me back to my knees.  And, on my knees is where I need to be right now — so it’s a good thing!

wf 2

wf 3

Last week my college roommate came for a visit and we enjoyed a sea salt coffee, pastries, and a hike.  (She and I spent 6 months in Germany enjoying coffee and pastries in college, and there is no one I enjoy sharing sweets and coffee with more!)  Her timing was perfect, as she is a vet and got to check out our little Angel.  (I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures, yet — that has to be next!)  In reality, I wish I was the one visiting her in Minnesota in October.  Oh, the fall leaves!  But, our hike was rather beautiful; even if it was 90 degrees.  (Poor girl; I forgot that’s a hot summer day for her, whereas that’s a normal fall day for us!)

October Clay Craft

Sierra asked for a craft the other day, and my heart sank a little.  We have been so busy this fall that we haven’t really done as many crafts as I did when Allison or Natalie were Sierra’s age.

“What do you want to do?”

“Paint clay,” she responded.  I tried to see if paper would suffice — or wood — or rocks.  Nope.  So, we made clay.  Then we baked clay.

clay 1 clay 2 clay 3

clay 4

clay 5

And, we painted clay… all while eating the fall mix.  And Sierra was happy.  The End.